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Regular check-ups in children’s dentistry are vital for your child to get the best start in looking after their oral health.

G Dental is your friendly family dentist who is there to look after even the smallest members of the family. Our aim is to give children the best start in looking after their oral health; so that they get into good habits and routines, leading to optimal oral health later in life.

Even though most children still have their baby milk teeth, early diagnosis of dental or orthodontic problems can help significantly in their future.

By bringing your child for regular check-ups at G Dental we can examine their oral health and make sure everything is working as it should.

When should my child first see the dentist?

We recommend bringing your child in to visit us at G Dental before they reach the age of two. This gives us the chance to keep track of their development and notice any changes from their last visit.

As children eat a lot more sugary and sweet foods, they are more prone to tooth decay, which is something we can catch if they come and see us regularly for a check-up.

How can I keep my children’s teeth clean?

  • Getting them into a good cleaning routine every morning and before bed gets your child used to this activity, so they start doing it naturally without being asked. Use a reward chart if you are finding it difficult to get your child to stick to a cleaning routine.
  • Make teeth cleaning a fun activity! Make it into a game or use playful colourful toothbrushes that are now available for children will make their cleaning routine an enjoyable experience.
  • Bringing them in for regular check-ups makes sure that the teeth are being cleaned properly and allows us to give you advice if needed.
  • Make sure your child is eating a lot of nutritious foods. Instead of chocolate or lollies for a treat, try crunchy vegetables or natural yoghurts and water instead of sodas.

Why is it so important to take my child to the dentist?

Bringing your child to the dentist allows for education about oral hygiene to start early. We want your little ones to grow up knowing how important brushing and flossing your teeth twice a day is.

Regular check-ups whilst your child is growing up allows us to keep check on their oral health, the structure of their mouth and jaw and their enamel formation.

It also allows us to check for any problems that may occur in the eruption of their permanent teeth. This means we can identify and fix any problems early, resulting in hopefully less orthodontic or restorative treatment later on in life.

How can I make visiting the dentist better for my anxious child?

We suggest booking your child in for a check-up at the same time as the rest of the family (if possible). If the child sees their parents having a check-up and realise there is nothing to be scared of, this will reduce their anxieties.

Another good way is to have your child see the same dentist every time. This allows for them to become familiar with their dentist and make them feel more comfortable.

By making visiting the dentist an enjoyable and fun experience it will hopefully eliminate any fears and anxieties they have about their check-up.

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