Natural-look fillings Greensborough

Undetectable, discreet, restorative fillings

At one point in time, if you required fillings, the main option was amalgam (mercury) fillings. While cost effective, this form of restoration is highly noticeable. Dentistry has come a long way since the gun-metal grey of amalgam, at G Dental we choose to use a composite resin material. Composite resin restorations can be manipulated to match the exact colour, texture, and translucency of your existing teeth: no one need ever know you had any work done unless you tell them.

Natural coloured fillings offer the same strength as your natural teeth. In conjunction with restrengthening a damaged tooth structure, they also limit further decay. The surface of a natural coloured filling is smooth, so food particles do not adhere, and is more resistant to staining. However, any whitening undertaken in the future may prove ineffective on areas that have been filled.

Tooth-coloured restorations are not reserved for new repairs. If you have had fillings previously that are amalgam, and find yourself longing for the natural look, we can help. G Dental also caters to those wanting their out-dated amalgam fillings replaced with more aesthetically pleasing materials. These fillings, when combined with a religious oral health regime, can last you anywhere between 7 to 10 years. If the area is too large for a filling to cover, or you need more strength than a filling can provide, an inlay, onlay or crown may be advised instead.

Why should I get fillings?

Unfortunately, cavities are not a health issue that will just go away if you ignore it. If you experience pain or sensitivity when you consume hot or cold foods, you may wish to book in for a check-up. Similarly, if you are aware of any present cavities, you should also book an appointment. Dental cavities and tooth decay are not only painful; they can also negatively impact your health. Cavities are areas on the surface of your teeth that have been permanently damaged. This damage, if ignored, can increase and create a tiny opening or hole, which grows the longer it is ignored.

A large number of the general population find dental visits nerve-racking, or are too embarrassed about the state of their teeth to book a visit. Ignoring issues or discomfort that arises is not a healthy option and can exacerbate an issue further. If ignored for long enough, your cavity can lead to infection, and eventually tooth loss. The symptoms that accompany an infected tooth are often unpleasant, and repair work for these issues is more invasive than fillings. On the same note, losing a tooth also has a huge negative impact on your jaw structure and is not an ideal outcome either.

At G Dental we aim to make all our patients feel safe and relaxed. We will discuss with you your concerns and what to expect throughout your treatment so there’s no surprises.

Natural-looking fillings Greensborough

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