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Teeth whitening treatments are quickly becoming one of the most popular treatments in cosmetic dentistry, and as the fastest, most effective way to noticeably enhance your smile, it’s easy to see why. Treatment can lighten your teeth up to ten shades within one treatment and is virtually painless. Most patients will notice results the moment we give them the mirror to assess their enhanced smile. In general, teeth whitening treatments are viewed as a permanent treatment, although with modern day health habits including foods and drinks (carbonated or caffeinated drinks in particular) your teeth may become re-stained. For this reason, some patients consider follow-up treatments to maintain the brightness of their smile.

Why have my teeth become discoloured?

With the amount of processed foods and drinks in our diets that contain colours and sugars, it’s easy for teeth to become discoloured. Here are the most common reasons for teeth discolouration.

  • Caffeine
  • Soft drinks (Cola in particular)
  • Red wine
  • Tea
  • Tobacco
  • Antibiotics
  • Ageing

Are teeth whitening results permanent?

Teeth whitening is designed to be a long-term result. While this is the case, patients should enter into a teeth whitening treatment with the understanding that follow-up treatments may be required. Teeth whitening only removes stains prior to treatment, it does not protect against future staining.

Prior to starting your treatment, we will discuss with you any prior oral health concerns. This is important as your dentist may discover the cause of your discolouration is not due to outside contaminants. In some patients, the cause for discolouration may be internal (for example tooth decay via a hidden cavity at the back of the tooth). In the case that the teeth are discoloured from the inside, teeth whitening may prove ineffective and corrective treatments may be advised before cosmetic treatments are undertaken.

Is teeth whitening painful?

In the majority of cases teeth whitening causes little to no discomfort. Our trays are designed to limit gum exposure to the bleaching aid which limits skin sensitivity. If you have sensitive teeth, or prior cavities, you may experience some discomfort. It is recommended you address any prior dental concerns that may be required (such as fillings) before you undertake teeth whitening as untreated cavities may cause unnecessary discomfort.

How white is too white?

Unfortunately, due to Photoshop editing and drastic measures celebrities undertake to maintain a “picture-perfect” look, there is a common misconception that our teeth should appear a startling shade of “pure white”. This is not entirely true, and may in fact be detrimental to the finish you are wanting. Prior to undertaking your whitening treatment, we will provide you with a teeth whitening chart, and assist you in deciding which shade is best suited to your skin tone and overall expectations. A good rule of thumb for teeth whitening is to aim for a shade similar to the whites of your eyes. This will create an aesthetically pleasing, harmonious overall look.

Teeth whitening Greensborough

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